Event and Complaint Disclosure

NCCI can assist your organization in the preparation and filing of disclosures. Additionally, NCCI can manage, monitor and update your organization’s public disclosures through BrokerCheck or the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure websites.

In keeping with its status as one of the most regulated industries in the United States, securities industry members and their associated persons must keep current their information contained in regulatory databases. To do this, Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers must file electronic notices as required within specified time frames.

Regulators require Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers to file electronic notification when either the firm or one of its associated persons, among other things:

  • Has violated any provision of any securities law or regulation
  • Has violated any rule or standard of conduct of any governmental agency, self-regulatory organization or a financial business or professional organization
  • Is the subject of a written customer complaint alleging theft, misappropriation, or forgery
  • Is named as a defendant or respondent in any proceeding by a regulatory body alleging violation of its rules or any securities, commodities, or insurance rules
  • Is indicted, convicted, pleads guilty or no contest to any criminal offense (other than traffic violations)
  • Is associated in any business activity with any person who is subject to a “statutory disqualification"

NCCI can file these required reports in a timely manner and provide a printed hardcopy for record retention. Of course, NCCI handles all matters confidentially.