FOCUS Report Preparation

NCCI can assist your organization in the preparation, review and filing of FOCUS Reports.

Depending on the net capital requirement of your Broker-Dealer, SEC and FINRA rules require you to file Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Single Reports electronically either quarterly or monthly. Most firms file quarterly.

The FOCUS report organizes the information contained in the firm’s financial statements into a specific format. This specifically formatted information must be transmitted electronically to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) by a deadline defined by SEC Rule 17a-5.

NCCI can prepare your firm’s FOCUS report from your financials and file the report electronically with the necessary agencies. Or, NCCI can file your FOCUS report electronically using the hardcopy FOCUS report that you send to us.

Either way, NCCI provides you either an electronic file or a hardcopy print out of the actual FOCUS report transmitted and the date FINRA accepted it. You will need to maintain such information as part of your firm’s compliance with SEC books and records requirements.