Expansion/Contraction Services

NCCI can assist your organization in achieving its growth and consolidation objectives, including expansion and contraction of products, locations, personnel and services.

Your firm will need to coordinate with FINRA and other regulatory agencies if it wishes to change:

  • The geographical coverage either by adding or deleting branch offices and personnel
  • The product mix by adding municipal securities, options, equities, private placements, limited partnerships, variable products, investment banking, etc.
  • The method of business conduct
    • To/from fully disclosed or converting to/from self-clearing
    • To become a market maker or revert to non-market maker status
    • Accepting customer payments made directly to the firm
    • Receiving securities certificates for processing either by the clearing firm or directly by your firm
  • The method of executing equity orders – dealer to dealer or via the clearing firm’s order desk or order entry system
  • Its ownership or control structure

NCCI can assist with all implementation and coordination activities to make these changes in a prompt and accurate manner.