On-Site Compliance Reviews

NCC and our team of professionals are available for On-Site Compliance Reviews; performing an in-depth review that identifies potential or existing compliance issues and offers specific recommendations to improve overall regulatory compliance.

As an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC and various states regulatory agencies, you are subject to on-site review by their examiners.

The SEC and state examiners can do these examinations at a time and with a frequency of their choosing. There is no established cycle. Though the occurrence is rare, examiners from one regulator can appear on your doorstep almost immediately after examiners from the other regulator have left.

Every Investment Advisor strives to keep current its knowledge of securities rules and regulations and to remain in compliance accordingly. Even so, many firms realize their own compliance and supervisory staff may be too involved on a day-to-day basis to notice supervisory or compliance shortcomings. Such firms often elect to have an objective outsider review their business to discover and remedy any discrepancies prior to an on-site review by SEC or state regulators.

NCC performs investment advisor rules compliance reviews for all your firm locations. Additionally, NCC can perform a compliance review for the firm´s policies and procedures. After the completion of the on-site review, we provide a written report that describes exceptions noted, proposals for remedy, and note any corrective action already taken by the firm. The review and report give management an objective review, the opportunity to amend supervisory and compliance procedures, and reliable proof that the firm is being pro-active towards its regulatory responsibilities.